Sunday, 13 March 2011

More from Yoshikazu and a little more positive...hopefully this will continue.

Last night we managed to finally speak in length with Yoshikazu.  This had to do with the power being restored at his home.  This is a good sign.  They seem to be in better spirits.  We spoke with him for several minutes.  Fortunately he experienced little home damage as his home was relatively new with modern specifications.   

He had pretty bad hiccups which he said was due to the surprise of the electricity coming back on and eating rice so quickly.  It was a funny conversation as every 5 seconds there was the pause.

One story he shared was the experience of picking up his Son, Shintaro from school during the earthquake.  He was in his car on the way when the earthquake hit.  When he finally arrived, he ran up to the campus and fell and ended up messing up his knee a bit.    

We also spoke with Mayumi's mom and she also was better spirits.  She made light of their situation by saying that one benefit of the Tsunami was they didn't have to go far to get fish.  Um er ah. 

I hope to have some pictures to send later today.

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