Monday, 14 March 2011

Now the stories are coming out

Hello again.  I just finished my work day and have been collecting stories all day long.  First off..there was a magnitude 5 earthquake in Ibarakiken today.  Everything was alright fortunately.  

I promised you some pictures.  I don't have anything gory like you are seeing in every news paper nor do I have anything on the state of their home town.  I do however have some pictures of some of the folks I have been writing about.  He said that he won't go to the dangerous places for the sake of a blog as his life is more important.  He had a funny sense of humor but did say that he would try to get us some pictures soon.   

This is Mayumi's father, Katsumi, and my children Benji (little one) and Joseph (bigger one).  This was taken last Summer on our last visit.  

Here is a picture of (from top left to right)...Mayumi, Mayumi's Mom..Emiko, Brian (me), Joseph, Benji, Brother Yoshikazu and son Shintaro.  Lastly is Ahmed who is Emiko's 2nd Husband.  Note that the red framed glasses were the ones that Yoshikazu broke.  He mentioned they were his favorites and apparently hasn't taken them off for an entire year.

So now that everybody has been properly fed, their sense of humors are coming back and they have been sharing with us where they were when earthquake hit.  Here is a quick update:

  • Emiko was in their second hand shop which is on the 1st floor of their home.  All the shelves have fallen and most of their merchandise has been destroyed.  Ahmed was at work and raced home. 
  • Yukari (Mayumi's sister) was in the grocery store.  She told us today that the ceiling fell in, the shelves were spilling and she thought that she was going to be trapped in there.  She seems to be a little better this last day but  that the experience was why she has been so exhausted.
  • Katsumi (dad) was working in an electric store and was busy clocking his time card when it hit.  
  • Yoshikazu - I stand corrected as he was in his office.  He said everybody was trying to keep all the items on their desks from falling off.  His son Shintaro told my kids today that this was the scariest thing he ever experienced.
Mayumi has 2 other brothers.  Yuki who is 23 and works at the fish counter at the local grocery store and Hiro who is an engineer for Hitachi.  Yuki lives with his father and was the one sleeping in the car.  He for some reason has stopped coming home.  He probably is staying with someone as the house is not in a good state.  Hiro... we have yet to get into contact with but he has a wife and a son.

Lastly, still no water.  Electricity has been restored but the water guy comes around every so often.  Also, the grocery stores have these earthquake kits they are distributing.  Not sure what is in them but hope to have some pics later.  

Good night from Hong Kong.  


PS - let me know in the comments section if you have any questions you want me to ask.

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