Thursday, 17 March 2011

Update - some pics of the house


I have been pressured by some of you to come up with a plan on how to help out this community.  Sorry that it has taken so long.  We believe that while it is important to help as soon as possible, we need to keep things in perspective and think that the 2nd round of help will be equal or more needed than what we are seeing to date.  We see a lot of support to the large organizations such as the charities I mentioned in an earlier blog but just think that once the community can really identify what they really need (whether it be food, supplies, money or other forms of aid), we can be specific and deploy some help.  Despite this, we will have a way that some of you can start sending money and we will make sure that 100% of what is received will go directly to Mayumi's family and community.  

This weekend we will:

1)  Have a way for you to contribute thru a bank.

2)  Make sure that we have a local tie in to her community center.

Family update is that everybody is just uncomfortable but healthy.  There is no running water and it was told that this will not improve for 2 weeks.  Each person is entitled to 2 liters of water a day.  My Father in Law (Katsumi) went to a neighbor who had a well.  So they had a little more  than normal.  It is amazing when you think of all the things we need water for.  Without it the following are limited or are not happening...baths, cleaning (clothes, dishes, homes, etc).  The gas stations are really full and it takes hours to wait in line.  Essentially things are at a bare minimum.  Electricity works so people are staying tuned.

A friend asked us what kind of food is available?  Most of what everybody is relying on is canned goods and ramen noodles.  It is difficult to get fresh food right now.

I managed to get some pictures for you.

Here is a picture taken before the earthquake:

Here are some pics that I just received today.  They show the types of damage they are coping with and may not do justice to the overall but the key concern is the roof damage inlight of the possible radiation as well as the foundation of this house.  As said, the 2nd floor is not livable from what I have heard.  The wall that is in front of the house here is what you will see in the following pictures.

Thanks for staying in touch.


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